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FIRSTPAW Car Seat for Small to Medium Dogs


🪶 RESISTANCE & QUALITY : In order to guarantee the quality of our products, we have made our pet car seat in a resistant and durable material. Made with a waterproof, fleece, non-slip and easy to clean fabric, the car seat for dogs provides optimal comfort for your pet even during your longest distances in the car. Material: soft and thick cotton and polyester wadding.

🛟 SECURITY : we wanted enhanced security with Velcro slots to pass the supplied seat belt through and secure your dog using the clips or the ISOFIX system. You can also use the hook on the head restraint strap. The car seat FirstPaw has a non-slip base. The sides are reinforced with a hidden rigid tube to protect against impacts and prevent the seat from sagging.

🔗 GOOD ATTACHMENT TO THE CAR : The FirstPaw dog carrier provides the best fit for your car. It consists of an anchoring handle and three straps to hang around the seat.

👛 STORAGE POUCH : a zippered storage pocket (dimensions 24 x 16 cm with 3 cm of gusset) is located at the front of the car seat. You can store a leash, treats or cleaning wipes in it to have them close at hand.

⚙️ ERGONOMIC : our pet car seat FirstPaw provides safety in reinforced car while being ergonomic. It has been designed to be foldable in order to facilitate its transport and installation on a daily basis, regardless of the vehicle used. Dimensions of the base: 44 x 44 x 24 cm.

Material quality

We guarantee the quality of our products so that they accompany you in your daily life. We have chosen to make our car seat in a resistant and durable material in order to transport your dog while protecting your vehicle from dirt, scratches or bites.


We pay particular attention to the material used. Made with a soft, quilted fabric, the FIRSTPAW seat will provide your pet with optimal comfort even during your longest driving distances.


Because you and your pet are our priority, we wanted enhanced security. The pet car seat contains a rigid and resistant barrier. This will protect your little dog from bumps or falls.


Made with a non-slip material on the underside, the FIRSTPAW seat has a better grip on your car. This feature will prevent the seat from sliding during sudden turns or braking. It thus provides improved stability and safety for your pet.