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FIRSTPAW Professional Dog Cat Grooming Kit


🐾 EFFICIENT GROOMING : only the best for our furry friends! The FirstPaw Pet Grooming Kit is suitable for short and long haired pets. It easily removes loose undercoat, tangles, mats and matted hair.

🐶 DOUBLE SIDED COMB AND BRUSH : The detangling rake has a dual head with 12 teeth and 24 teeth to get through even the most tangled undercoat. Its medium size will fit most cats, dogs and other furry animals. Use the wide teeth to get through the toughest knots and longest hairs. Then use the narrow teeth for more specific areas and a better finish.

🐱 GENTLE GROOMING : Made of durable stainless steel, the tips of the teeth are rounded and soft to preserve your pet's skin. But the blades are sharp for efficient grooming.

💪 COMFORTABLE GRIP and DURABLE MATERIALS : This kit is made from stainless steel and quality TPR and ABS materials. All products have non-slip and ergonomic handles for a perfect grip.

💅 EXTRA NAIL CLIPPER : The nail clipper is useful when the pet gets old or doesn't naturally use its claws on the ground. It is equipped with a safety lock and protection to avoid cutting more than necessary.