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FirstPaw Dog Cleaning Wipes


♻️ A BIODEGRADABLE COMPOSITION : At FirstPaw, we want to preserve the planet by designing biodegradable and environmentally friendly products. This is why our wipes are made from 100% viscose, a material that decomposes* very quickly for a cleaner planet. *According to industrial decomposition standards

📏 EXTRA LARGE SIZE : FirstPaw wipes are made in an extra large size (20 x 25 cm) and a resistant material for better coat cleaning capacity and adapted to the size of your dog.

🧶 TEXTURED MATERIAL : Made from soft, textured material for better cleaning of your dog's sensitive areas. The texture will allow a better grip of the dirt while providing optimal comfort to your dog.

🌱 NATURAL INGREDIENTS : a formula composed of 98% natural origins such as Aloe vera, vitamins E and B5. Also alcohol-free, paraben-free and hypoallergenic, these wipes nourish, moisturize and protect your dog from attacks on his skin with respect and kindness.

🎯 SUITABLE FOR ALL SENSITIVE AREAS : These wipes fit all of your pet's sensitive areas. You can use them during the daily cleaning of his ears 🐶, eyes 👁 and paws 🐾 by guaranteeing hydration of his skin and elimination of bad odors.

Available in 1 x 100 and 4 x 100 format.