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Les avantages pour la santé d'un toilettage régulier des animaux de compagnie

Health benefits of regular pet grooming

Health benefits of regular pet grooming

When we groom our dogs or cats, we do so to make them look and smell good. But for pets, grooming means much more, regarding overall well-being and good health

Proper food, regular walks, and visits to the vet when necessary are the first things that come to mind when we think about our pets' health. But grooming is also a very important part of health care for your dog or cat, besides its esthetic function.

Neglecting to groom can lead to developing mats in the coat that can be very painful for your dog, especially if they are close to the skin. A matted fur suffocates and weakens your pet's skin because prevents necessary moisture from it and creates breeding conditions for parasites. Matting can also restrict blood flow and even interfere with the pet's normal movement.

Therefore, it is best to fix mats as soon as they appear. You can separate the smaller ones with just your fingers and then comb them out with a good, preferably a metal comb.
Regular combing will prevent the dog 
hair from matting or clumping. Brushing also helps to stimulate the release of natural oils on his coat to make it look healthy and shiny.

Tips for brushing and combing your pet's hair

You should brush the pet every few days, regardless of the length of the dog's coat. Brush in the coat's direction when it is dry.

When dealing with mats, it is better to do this with short fast strokes with the comb, which is less painful for the pet than the slower, firmer pulling. Never cut a matt out yourself, as this can hurt your pet's skin.

If your dog has a strong resistance to brushing, here's a tip that may help.
Place the brush in front of the dog so it can become familiar with the tool. Once the dog finished playing with it, pick up the brush and start touching his coat lightly. If your pet doesn't object to this, reward him with praise or a treat. Likewise, continue to increase the force of the brush strokes until you achieve the desired result.

Regular brushing will make your dog's coat less susceptible to fleas and ticks, too. Of course, the main remedy here is bathing your pet, which, even if it does not eliminate fleas and ticks, will at least help you spot them and take the measures (flea collar, liquid applicant or pill).

Do not forget the nails and ears

Taking care of your pet's nails is part of the grooming that is very important for his comfort and health, too. When the nails are too long, the dog adjusts, walking incorrectly, and this can lead to arthritis or deformities. Since many dogs adamantly oppose nail trimming, try to correct the situation with an approach similar to the one described above with the brush. If you are wondering when to approach trimming, the answer is that it should be done if the nails touch the ground when the dog is standing.

When grooming your pet, don't forget about his ears. To prevent infections, simply wrap a cotton pad around your index finger and gently wipe the inside of your dog's ears.

All these grooming at-home activities will allow you to always have a clear picture of your pet's health. You'll know what his skin looks like, what it feels like to the touch, and you'll be able to notice changes so you can react in time if it's a problem.

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This grooming kit is adapted to both short and long-haired pets, and easily removes loose undercoats, knots, mats, and tangled hair. Included nail clipper safely clips your pets' nails without cutting more than needed. All of these pet products are made from the best quality materials and are safe for you and your pet.

- Double-sided comb and brush

Dematting rake with dual head (12/24 teeth) is a medium size that will fit most cats, dogs, and any other furry pets. Made with resistant stainless steel, the tips of the teeth are rounded and soft to preserve the skin of your pet.

- Extra nail clipper

Included nail clipper is equipped with a safety lock and safety stop guard to avoid cutting more than needed.

- Comfortable grip and resistant material

This kit is made from stainless steel and qualitative TPR and ABS material. All products have anti-slip and ergonomic handles for a perfect grip.

Self-cleaning dog brush

The First Paw self-cleaning brush is adapted to both short and long-haired pets, too. It guarantees softer and shinier fur.

Thanks to its ingenious push-button system, a full push on the white button will reveal the teeth and keep them out without having to hold the button. Click again to hide the teeth and therefore release all the hairs gathered while brushing your pet. Made with resistant stainless steel, brush teeth are curved at 135° angle to gently penetrate deep in the fur. Tips of the teeth are covered with rubber to preserve the skin of your pet. This will provide a nice massage to your pet while getting rid of the dead undercoat. When not in use, the teeth are hidden in the case so that you can store the brush back in its box without damaging the flexible teeth. This medium size will fit the needs of small to large cats, dogs, and even rabbits. The brush has an antislip with silicone and ergonomic handles for a perfect grip.

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