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FIRSTPAW Retractable Dog Leash 5m

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SUITABLE FOR ALL DOGS : FirstPaw's retractable dog leash tape extends to a length of 5 meters and is suitable for small dogs up to 20 kg. Also available for large dogs up to 50 kg, to be chosen when ordering.

🔗 MULTI-PURPOSE RING : a ring is present under the retractable leash housing to hang your poop bags or a flashlight for your night walks.

💡 MODERNITY : The handle design is modern and offers all-round comfort. The stop button on the leash is ergonomic and easy to use, allowing the reel to be blocked temporarily or continuously depending on the pressure exerted.

🛠 SAFETY FIRST : The leash has reflective strips to ensure your dog's safety as well as yours during your night walks. In addition, it is made of materials resistant to bites and drops, such as stainless steel, ABS and TPE.

🎁 INCLUDED : a leash extension with shock absorber to attach between your dog's collar and the leash. We know your dogs can be overjoyed and pull too hard on the leash at times. This shock absorber is elastic and helps to attenuate shocks so as not to hurt your dog.

Available in two sizes

Up to 20KG

A pleasant walk to share with your dog. It's the least we can offer them in exchange for companionship and affection.

With our retractable leash which extends up to 5 meters, your dog can run free.

Walks with your furry friend will be pure joy!

Up to 50KG

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the leash is comfortable in your hand, even during your longest walks.

The one-hand stop and lock system allows you to maintain full control of your dog during your walks, making them enjoyable and entertaining.